Hello, I'm an Artist.


I've known by the age of four that I was given a great gift. Since then, I see design in everything and I live by the joy of being able to express that.


I've recorded life with a pencil, acrylics, chalk paint marker or a Wacom pen

with as much careful control as I can muster. With design, I translate brand needs into media. For illustration, the first visual that comes to mind is usually the solution to a concept. Also, I was just born to draw. :) Another channel of creativity is authorship and as co-editor with a story based on fact, couched in fantasy.


Lastly, I can be available to you for freelance vector artwork--creation or maintenance; I offer any style you see here, and more--I will always adapt according to your company's content need.


To me, executing with excellence is everything.


I am a foodie--a conscientious eater of organic & local. Voracious font perusing, gardening, natural oil-wearing, writing, walking, Hatha yoga, baking and photography are and have been my pastimes. Good to meet you.

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